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Opening Definitions

When asked over the holidays if I considered architecture to be art, I answered “no,” with the idea that art is something without function or use value, except for being looked at, considered, experienced through one of the senses, but not something with a physical function, like protecting us from the elements or operating as a vehicle or utensil. Things that function like that, performing some kind of physical use, already have names specific to their functions. If an alien or amnesiac were to ask me, “what are these things that are seemingly made only to be presented for the observance, contemplation, or amusement of others, apparently due to their interesting forms?” “Art,” I would answer. If my curious questioner were to continue, “Why is it made, for what purpose?” I might explain that we, human beings, with our humanly flawed minds, are seldom if ever whole, complete, satisfied, that instead we are imperfect beings who have made an imperfect world, and that we make art to try and compensate for these imperfections, to point them out, make fun of them, or imagine them less imperfect. I would also explain that, while trying to be rational and insightful, my opinions are only my own, and that my ideas are usually changing. Plus, the subject of art is broad, open, complex, and sure to carry many contradictory notions. It may be wiser for me to discuss painting rather than art, but there are also many kinds of painting, and the subject would need clarifying of its own. It is the work that falls somewhere in the intersection of painting and art that most intrigues me, and that will probably remain the focus of this website. By way of example, on my most recent visit to galleries, which took place a couple weeks ago, during the tail end of fall, I enjoyed the Jim Shaw show at Blum & Poe:
Jim Shaw painting at Blum & PoeJim Shaw painting at Blum & Poe

Now, it is a new year, and I’m excited what it will bring, where my own artistic practice of drawing and painting will lead me, and what kind of art and paintings I will see