Portrait of Jason LaMotte by JW Stevenson
Award winning “Portrait of Jason LaMotte” by Photographer JW Stevenson

The purpose of this website is to provide me with a platform to display and share some of my art work. I’d like it to serve as an online portfolio, as well as a place for me to post past work, related thoughts, inspirations, etc.

For the time being I am keeping up my previous website for the additional pictures and information it contains.

I was born in Los Angeles in 1967, graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Fine Art-Painting in 1993 and from Claremont Graduate University with an MFA in Studio Art-Painting in 2007. I’ve been doing visual art, focusing on painting and drawing, most of my adult life, working with various approaches.

Thanks for your interest and for looking.


photo of Jason LaMotte