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Live-Wild-Now Dance Performance

For the opening reception of my Live-Wild-Now exhibition I did an art dance performance. The idea had come to me in a flash, as the others did when I began to envision this show. I wanted to get down to the basic means of physical expression, and use my voice and my body movements as a creative presentation for an audience.

This video documents the latter of the two, and reduces what took nearly twenty minutes in real time to a video edit of less than ten minutes.

Themes for the show as well as the performance are intuition, spontaneity, belief, and the desire to strengthen bodily connections or affirm the state of embodiment. This is really the first time I’ve done a performance of any kind, so merely going through with it amounted to some kind of success. And while I feel like I could have done ‘better’ (a feeling I’m not unfamiliar with), I am also happy with what I was able to do.

My intentions for this show have been to unfold a new living, less inhibited, present, creative process, to show some of the artistic energy that moves through me while it is still in its dynamic state, before it has crystallized into finished paintings. It is like a dance to me, working with inspiring energies, the play at the heart of the creative process, and I strive to do it in a way that is stripped down, revealing, honest, changing, open to impulse, daring, in time and out of it… Live, Wild, Now.