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  1. Dear Jason,
    Good job! Art is to be shared and not stored in closets (as I do). Very interesting to see your earlier work compared to what you are doing now. The iconic pieces are very interesting but I wouldn’t do something like that because I could not hold back my views on some of these personages. The renderings are very good but what I find even more interesting is the combination of images and the overall compositions. Your self portrait is powerful. Is that white or light blue that you used below the neck area? I try to stay off white because of chalkyness and I prefer using a light blue. More and more, I try to lose edges at strategic places to make the viewer participate and to enliven whatever I draw. As you proceed with content, this will be a very interesting site. Congrats! I would like to do the same but I am too lazy and would rather play stringed instruments or piano. Take care and keep on pushing.


    1. Jose,
      Thank you very much for your comments!
      It pleases me to hear of your interest in the changes my work has taken. And also of your interest in the image combinations and compositions of my recent work (the iconic pieces you refer to that I assume are the U.S. pop culture paintings). Hopefully there is an added interest in the compositional arrangements because of my restrained feelings and attitudes and more cerebral approach.
      The chest and neck area of the self-portrait you mentioned is an area that I like and respond to, in part for it’s raw quality, and in part for it’s distinction to the face area. (This doesn’t come off in the picture I see online the same as it does in the original.) I know what you mean about chalkiness, and I should play around with different variations of hue. I’ve always been kind of a sucker for some offbeat or questionable aesthetics. (Perhaps this is too obvious to bother stating.)
      The blurring of edges sounds good.
      Enjoy playing more music, and thanks again for your comments.

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