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Hot for Printmaking

LinoPrint Heads by Jason LaMotte

I’ve been neglecting writing a blog post lately. I’ve even been neglecting painting! (Although I’m “sure” this is a temporary condition.) What’s replaced these of late to become my current, primary artistic practice? Printmaking. I continue to make linocuts, which I blogged about taking up a few posts ago, or fine art relief prints from cut linoleum matrices.

Spreading out Black Ink

For the past couple of years, I’ve been searching, with less than optimal results, for another form of image making, in addition to my U.S. Pop Culture oil on canvas series of paintings, that would satisfy my impulse for the black and white, graphic image. I’ve enjoyed painting those bright, crisp, colorful paintings, but they don’t tell my whole story or satisfy all my aesthetic impulses, as, if you’ve looked over my early work, you may suspect.

First 8" x 10" linoluem matrix by Jason LaMotte

The process of making linocut prints has become a recent obsession by fulfilling several of my creative needs and desires. I love the look and qualities of the black ink, and the simplicity of applying it in a single pass, in a certain, pre-cut pattern, to a sheet of fine paper. I’ve been getting into Japanese washi paper, something I’ve had little contact with before, but now find so wonderful for the color, texture, look and feel. I find the crudeness of the material very liberating. Cutting into the linoleum is a process that doesn’t allow one to go back, and it isn’t easy to get details. It’s rough and direct. And, I find the whole idea of being able to print an edition of several originals, rather than ending up with only a single, quite interesting and promising too.

Jason LaMotte makes a linocut

Jason LaMotte makes a linoprint

I started doing a series of 5” x 7” (size of linoleum, printed on larger sheets of paper) heads, without really thinking about it, and then started some different things on 8” x 10” pieces—some nudes and erotica, some abstracts, a two-color horse—trying to do things I like, and it’s been going really good. I’m becoming familiar with the process and coming up with some hot images. I plan to put a gallery category up soon on this site showing this new work, but also to develop another site that deals exclusively with my new production of prints. I’m really excited about this new development, and will, of course, post more about it, with links, once I’ve gotten the new graphic work up.

Background of Two Color Linoprint by Jason LaMotte

Two Color Horse Linoprints by Jason LaMotte