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Live-Wild-Now Show

Jason LaMotte Live-Wild-Now Announcement Card


Evolving Four-Week Installation of Inspired Painting

I have been made a member of 57 Underground Gallery, and my first show–Live-Wild-Now–is the current exhibition this August, 2015. The idea for the show was conceived under the influence of the dA’s return of the Fringe of the Fringe festival, which is also getting underway now and will continue through this August.

As a painter, who has spent most of my painting hours of the last few years working on smaller works in a small studio, the challenge of an event that is more about performance and the transitory than the completed object of art was an exciting proposition. My response was to cover three walls of the gallery, some seventy feet, with canvas, to paint on for the duration of the show.

From one of the press releases: Themes of the show will involve belief, intuition, liberated expression, and the transformative potential of art and mark-making, as the artist practices “inspired painting”—painting without plan or prior idea, akin to automatism. There will be a dynamic evolution of these paintings throughout the month until the closing.

It’s important to me in this show to not only expose a process but also to be free of preconceived thoughts with regard to subject matter. The idea of liberated painted expression right now for me means being able to paint without having to make it look like anything in particular. To step outside the requirements of preconceived ideas, the illusions of dimensionality, or any kind of refined aesthetic technique, to not worry about it being or not being figurative or representational, and just get back to the marks of brushing on paint, and try to follow where these marks go.

Painter Artist Jason LaMotte beginning Live-Wild-Now

There will be an Opening Reception and Performance Saturday August 8th, between 7 – 9 pm, and a Closing Saturday August 29th, 5 – 8 pm.

The gallery is located in the basement of the dA Center for the Arts, 252 South Main Street #D, Pomona, CA 91716

Jason LaMotte Painting, first day of Live-Wild-Now show